FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

McQ: Has anyone seen the tin opener?

For us, it is a new day and the celebrations for Yuri are over- no doubt there are still parties going on in different time zones. Back in the real world out here it is a beautiful sunny day with a spatterring of fluffy clouds about. We have about 15 knots of wind behind us and we are currently poled out (no1) and stonking along at around 5-6 knots. There is still a fair swell running and occasionally the wind drops off enough for us to wallow a tad in the big seas. Unfortunately we are also bashing nearly two knots of current- we must be almost out of it by now, surely??!! But we are finally north of Coffs and pointing in the right direction, so we can’t really complain!! The ocean is a beautiful colour too, quite mesmerising, which only serves to remind that it doesn’t take much to turn it into a boiling seething angry mass of water and days like today ought to be appreciated.

On Wednesday before we left, Hilary and I did one last sweep of Woolies in case we had forgotten something- she asked if we had a tin opener and I I said that I hadn’t seen one on board. Then we joked about how funny it would be after smugly storing all those tins neatly and organised on board but then be unable to open them!!! So we bought a new tin opener- and left it behind, by mistake, we think.

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