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McQ: It’s a beautiful thing

What a glorious day!! We motored much of last night through barely any wind and at some point we discussed that if the wind hadn’t filled in by dawn we would put the Donk off and probably wallow for the day, diesel being the resource that it is. But just before sunrise the breeze started to fill in on a flat calm sea. Before long we were sailing, in the right direction, slicing through the ocean at 4.5 knots… not a bad start to a birthday!!
The wind stayed in all day and now,the following evening/day (0400) it is still there. We are sailing upwind in around 10/11 apparent, mostly. Full sail up and storming along at nearly five knots on starboard tack. For the most part we were being pushed a bit left but this afternoon the wind gently gently veered for us and our little black outline of a boat with a big black arrow at the front was pointing to the the little red dot that is our waypoint on the computer screen. sweet!!! Wind backed a touch again now though and we’re pointing left again… good birthday wishes and vibes etc from the wind gods, can’t last forever, and it is no longer birthday!!! At least we are moving and have been all day, especially considering we were gearing up for a wallowing!! Its a beautiful thing!! Kevvo was in charge most of the day, though we did have a wee moment when his concentration waned and we tacked by accident…. I wrestled the tiller from him but by the time I unlashed him, it was too late, we were fully hove to, so the only solution was a donut… hmmm.

Saw one of the more spectacular sunsets ever this evening. the whole sky was yellow and orange and faded pink and blue behnd some clouds, but it was the sea behind us, it started off pale pink and as the sun went further down, the pink turned into a silvery lilac and by the time the sun had almost set the sea was a bright vivid violet colour- awesome!!!

Made a birthday thai red curry for dinner this evening, which wasn’t bad if I don’t say so myself- though i would suggest pumpkin and chickpeas (garbanzo beans, garbanzo beans!) offer an unusual texture sensation, but the pumpkin was going mouldy and needed eating and chick peas were the first tin to hand!!!! Lots left for breakfast!!! I even partook in the days birthdya consulting too!!!!

Soundtrack for the day has been ‘scribbled in chalk’ and ‘screamadelica’ (yep, indeed I am on ‘s’ on the ipod!!!)

BVS additions:
Lightning: the most vicious thing that has been discovered- needless to say I hope never to have to compare face to face the viciousness of lightning versus polar bears to find out just which has superiority in the vicious scale.
Consulting: not vicious unless it involves lots of gin

not much else to report at moment.
lots of love

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