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McQ: Peel Sound...Just like the Alps!!!

Snow, snow, snowety, snow!!! woo-hoo!!!
You know you go on a skiing holiday and you have those total whiteout blizzard days where you can't see where you are going as you swoosh down the slopes, but totally exhilarating!!! Then you go back to your chalet or apartment and put your boots in the Boot Room to dry off and your socks and gloves over the radiator to dry out and warm up for the next day and you sit by the fire to dry yourself- fingers nose and toes in particula- out, with a large glass of hot spicy mulled wine in hand to assist warming matters… well its kinda like that here, except for the warming, drying, hot booze and swooshy slopey bits and the 'next day' is only ever a mere four hours away!!
So the snowing blizzard bit is the same!!! Even had to get the ski goggles out for the last watch, and boy did they work a treat!! And just to make my skiing holiday dream world complete out here I have looked out my retro 80's purple fluffy ski socks with little yellow and green skiiers on them to warm my toes whilst I sleep…
See you on the slopes tomorrow!!
Lots of love
ps 52 miles till we turn to head just south of east (and homeward bound, then, perhaps??!!)…and only a couple of icebergs in-between to dodge before that point!!!!
pps we had Irish Stew without cabbage for dinner.

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