FROM 2-8. Baffin Bay-Nuuk (Greenland)

McQ: Polar Bear Ahoy!

So Hilary thank you for putting Lucy in the sky with diamonds in my head as my after dinner song of choice on watch and no we haven’t found any more cabbage and no I am not testing the hallucinogenic properties of any of our other foodstuffs but yes we HAVE just seen a polar bear swimming along behind us… Kimbra saw him and called to let us know and I went on deck and saw him too… so it was definitely real!!
At 25 miles offshore Big A thinks he’s probably lost and dying but I have faith in that bear- he’ll just be hungry- lets just hope he finds a nice generous welcoming family to offer him some nice hot irish stew to warm him up when he gets ashore somewhere… we’d have offered him a lift but we are stonking along and well past before we had a chance to ask him if he needed a ride.
Unbelievable though- totally unbelievable!!!
I don’t think I’ll ever be able to contemplate this world in the same way ever again after this adventure!!!
Lots of love

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