FROM Village Girl

Meh! The Examiner at play.

Not the best of days. Out of the harbour into a big hole in the wind with everyone disappearing into the distance and even Ziska overtook us. Awful frustration. We rowed and pedalled towards all the little wind ruffles and eventually found a puff that built into a really sparkling run up towards James Island. Then it died and backed almost 180 degrees and dropped to about 5 kts as we approached Sidney. Lots of tide with us but it seemed better to compromise at this stage of the race and wait for the next tide tomorrow rather than risk getting caught going backwards without a safe anchorage. So here we are, in a marina a bit further ahead of Bobbles’ attempt last year year but way behind where we had hoped to be. The good news is that Megan’s wonderful Heath Robinson pedal drive really works. He’s now called Heath, and is distantly related to Kevvo by some odd bits of DNA that seem to play in metal gizmos that work from the back of the boat. He complains and whinges more than Kevvo did but he is a collection of bits and pieces of scrap cobbled together so he’s entitled to the collywobbles. The next tide is not till late morning tomorrow so we will catch up on all the fixes on the list. And some interesting idiosyncrasies with our main GPS. More on this if it grows legs. Onward. This tired old fart will now fall into his bunk.

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