FROM 2-13. Equator-Cape Town


Friday 6th November, 0930 GMT (don’t know UTC), 0721S 02516W.

Alex rang to say that his Iridium internet connection has stopped
working and that Berri is at the extreme edge of possible Sailmail

The message is, then, not to worry if new blogs don’t appear. He’ll
obviously be trying to make everything work again, but breath should
not be held. Appendage crossing would be very welcome, however.

This message relayed by Isabella in UK.

One comment on “MESSAGE FROM ALEX

  1. Norman on said:

    Alex/Peter/Izzy, Appendages crossed for your zeroes and ones machine's recovery, and of course, for your goodselves. I will find it hard if I don't get my couple of doses of Dr Whorthwit a day, as I have become addicted to the fine prose that beams from your tiny speck in the now-South Atlantic. Come back soon, Ron Cuskelly's mate, Norman King.