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In the log of April 09, 2005, Pete answered the question

Why no fishing?

Normally I’m the first to get a line over the side but in the southern ocean things were different. There was a lot of bird life and I wouldn’t want to snare a young albatross. Also, you feel extremely fragile down there, its a very hard environment, it’s isolated and you feel empathy for all other living creatures down there, but the short answer is that I wasn’t hungry and I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours. Things will probably change as we get warmer and more comfortable in the calmer environment.

Alex’ answer to the same question (log of April 14, 2005)

We don’t do any fishing although we might – and we are towing a turbine on a 40 metre line too, which complicates things. We hope to get some flying fish on board at night as we go north.

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