Glossary: A Hitchhikers Guide to Berriland

Alphabetic listing of places, words, phrases and acronyms with their definitions, carefully and skilfully crafted by Alex’s sister, Isabella. Crib for the underlying themes and jokes.

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Call me when the Cross turns over - Novel by D’Arcy Niland written 1957
Cape Agulhas - The southernmost point of Africa, where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean. The real corner, south east of the Cape of Good Hope.
CCA - Cruising Club of America
Chain Locker - Waterside pub in Falmouth, UK
Channel 16 - VHF Radio Channel used for establishing initial contact and for emergency purposes only.
Chateau Cardboard - Wine in a box
Chilean Anaesthetist - Chilean Wine discovered in the Falkllands.
Codger - Some definitions: used affectionately to refer to an eccentric but amusing old man; derived from the word cadge, to beg, or get by begging, hence, a codger is one who gets his living by trickery or begging; derived from Turkish kodjah, meaning an old man or woman. Take your pick
Cone of Silence - Plastic roll-down curtain to protect nav table /instruments from water
Conspiracy Theory - Conspiracy Theory: the epic is simply a mock-up-boat in Fox Studios. (See also Bus Shelter) – Based on the nutty idea that NASA never reached the Moon but faked the whole thing in the Hollywood studios
Consultation - A regular engagement with alcohol. One might say this whole epic is a Consultation with a bit of a sail round it. See also Conservation Mode; Linear and Parallel Methods of Consultation
Consultative Conundrum - There were two unmarked bottles – which was which - Lambs Navy Rum or Glenfiddich?
Coolgardie Fridge - Coolgardie Fridge: Improvised cooler using the heat transfer that occurs when water evaporates. Invented in Coolgardie in Western Australia.
Cordon Berri 5 star - various “recipes”
Cowes - Seaport town on the Isle of Wight (UK). A home for international yacht racing.
CPA - Closest Point of Approach- a navigational term used when plotting the courses of two boats to determine whether a close-quarters (potential collision) situation is likely to occur.
CSIRO - Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CYCA - Cruising Yacht Club of Australia