Glossary: A Hitchhikers Guide to Berriland

Alphabetic listing of places, words, phrases and acronyms with their definitions, carefully and skilfully crafted by Alex’s sister, Isabella. Crib for the underlying themes and jokes.

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Lackersteens - Marmalade that went round Cape Horn. Izzo has the empty tin!
Lakonia - Lakonia, The: - Alex’s memories of maritime tragedy in 1963. More here (Wikipedia)
Land's End - It is the most westerly point of mainland Cornwall and England, about eight miles (13 km) west-southwest of Penzance.
Lazarette - A small, below deck storage space at the stern of a vessel
Lee cloth - Netting or canvas along the side of a bunk arranged to prevent the sleeper from falling out in violent weather.
Leroy - Leroy Chiao: International Space Station Commander, Expedition 10, at time Berrimilla first made contact. Bio here.
LHI - Lord Howe Island. LHI is situated 700 kilometres north east of Sydney. A race to from Gosford to LHI takes place every October and Berrimilla has taken part for several years - obviously not in 2005!
Linear Method of Consultation - Linear Method of Consultation (LMC) as opposed to Parallel Method (PMC): - two systems for conducting a discussion with any of the resident Doctors
Lizzie - Lizzie the Whizzer: Berrimilla's wind generator
Lizzie, Joe and Harvey - Youngest Berri fans we know about. Hi L,J,H!! You made it to the glossary! Berri Cool.
Loisin, Pascal - Winner of the 2005 two-handed Fastnet ahead of Berri.
Lykiardopulo - Lykiardopulo, Nick: RORC 2005 award winner, along with Alex and Pete