Glossary: A Hitchhikers Guide to Berriland

Alphabetic listing of places, words, phrases and acronyms with their definitions, carefully and skilfully crafted by Alex’s sister, Isabella. Crib for the underlying themes and jokes.

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R/V - Rendezvous
RANSA - Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association; a sailing club located in Sydney, Australia.
Ray - 1-The autopilot; 2-Human's name
RCC - Royal Cruising Club
RCMP - Royal Canadian Mounted Police – The Mounties
RCYC - Royal Cornwall Yacht Club, Falmouth, UK
Reef - -- As a verb – to shorten sail, to use reefing lines or other techniques to make the working part of a sail smaller and so reduce its power as the wind rises. --- As a noun, (1) the part of the sail that has been shortened, folded or rolled. May be referred to as a slab or a slab reef which is a particular way of forming a reef. -- As a noun (2) – a bank of coral, rocks or other obstruction usually close to a shoreline and potentially dangerous to sailors.
Reverse Osmosis - A process that can remove salt from water by forcing the water through a semi-permeable membrane under high pressure; 365; see also desalinator
RFD - Australian distributors of specialised safety equipment, including lifereafts and lifejackets.
Rhumb Line - See wikipedia (Wikipedia). See also Great Circle.
Rigil Kent - Major pointer in Southern Cross with Hadar
RNLI - Royal National Lifeboat Institution (UK & Ireland). Run mostly by volunteers, heroes all.
Roaring Forties - A region of westerly winds in south temperate latitudes. These are most developed south of 40°S
Rolex - Renowned makers of timepieces and sponsors of many sporting events including Sydney-Hobart and Fastnet Races
RORC - Royal Ocean Racing Club, located in London
RORC Seamanship Trophy 2005 - Awarded to Berrimilla
Rutter - Derived from ‘routier’ the French word for the narrative logs kept by early navigators describing their voyages – how they got there and the landmarks, stars, wave patterns, native tribes and everything they used to find their way and get back that might be helpful to later sailors. They were highly prized documents and considerable efforts were made by nations and individuals to obtain them by legal and illegal means. Sadly, many of the most historically interesting rutters were thought to have been destroyed in the Lisbon earthquake and fire in 1755.
RYA - Royal Yachting Association. A British organisation which represents the interests of those who go boating for pleasure as well as designing and monitoring training schemes; its membership is open to all boat users.
RYCT - Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania