FROM 2-10. Falmouth-Crosshaven-Fastnet

My Blunnies died...

Just before Pete and I set off from Hobart for Cape Horn in 2005, I bought a pair of Blundstone sandals – Blundstones have been making shoes and boots in Hobart since 1870 and were a legend unto themselves – my sandals lived up to the legend but finally karked a few days ago – on the 4th anniversary of their first arrival in Falmouth. Seemed an auspicious day to say goodbye. And, sadly, Blundstones are no more in Hobart – they’ve gone to China.

Here’s a link to one of Paul’s Falmouth webcams  This one is on top of the Maritime Museum Tower and you can see the Chain Locker, the white building  middle distance on the left, and close to it the visitors’ pontoons, more or less directly behind the end of the furthest jetty in the foreground with the two big blue superyachts on it. Berri is on the inside of the pontoons behind the orange pilot boat (when it is alongside). Right now the pilot boat is out and we are directly in line with the mast of the left hand superyacht.

The Great Berri Refurbish proceeds. Still working on the deck and don’t want to lose my place on the pontoon as it’s nicely sheltered so haven’t yet been sailing. Some mildly positive but indirect news from Moscow. Things move very slowly.

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