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Kettle crisps and Dr Cooper's prescription for laryngitis and just about everything – aaaaaaah!

5 miles south of Bermagui, motor sailing, rock hopping along the coast to stay inside the east Australian current. Too early to predict an ETA but we are making good progress at the mo. Fresh mussels to come. A great swirl of whitebait just off the bow, rounded up by tuna or someone else bigger and hungrier.

From here, we look straight up the starboard nostril of Cook's Dromedary. We will work our way around its hairy nose at Cape Dromedary and then look up its port nostril before getting the whole silhouette – head and hump. We will be looking at it for at least 24 hours. I'm actually surprised that Cook knew what a dromedary was – but perhaps it was one of the scientists who applied the template and gave Cook the name. It's a very good likeness.

Later: We have now passed Bermagui, Montague Island to starboad and the Dromedary's nose to port. I can smell his foetids.

Just pushing the old barge as fast as she will reasonably go, aiming for Monday morning at the next rusty hinge.

We'll see.

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