FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Noon 0813.24 16316.16

DTD 4091 so dmg 81. Amazing and bloody hard work!

This will probably (did!) morph into the noon position. All rather knackering out here. Tiny breezes, 4 – 6 kts, between rainsqualls so lots of messing around and concentration in the soft bits and a real rollercoaster in the squalls – flying along at 7+ knots, phosphorescence at night spectacular – the dinos, not the algal bloom that sets the sea surface on blue green fire, so sparkly and bright and they are in the toilet water at night too. Fun.

Every mile in the can has been earned – and I wouldn’t dream of predicting an equator time – could be a month. Running the engine for 3 hours every other day to charge and make water so we get 12 miles or so ever couple of days at least.

Small drama this morning. Coming on watch at 0600. I noticed another vessel on the horizon to starboard. Steady bearing, and we were the give way vessel according to Colregs. I watched it for a bit then altered to starboard. No apparent change in bearing, so perhaps he’s altered towards. Another alteration to stbd, again no change. This is always a matter for concern. Watched some more and by this time he was in binocular range – just. Odd looking silhouette – seemed to have 2 masts and some sort of sail but turned out to be large fishing vessel with big crane over stern scoop and huge net hanging from it. Still coming straight towards us and I then noticed small boat in the water. Serious concern at this stage – maybe he’s friendly, maybe not. When they got to within about a mile, I phoned AMSA and left a message just to leave a report somewhere in case anything got pearshaped. They turned away at about half a mile. Phoned AMSA again to clear the report. Now they’ve disappeared into the grand daddy of a rainsquall to the NE which we will get into shortly.

Gerry, I thought the AMSA number I have is the duty officer’s but it isn’t. Could you give them a call, explain the need and get me a number that is permanently staffed? Just in case. Their 1800 number doesn’t work from the satphone.

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