FROM 2-1. Sydney-Equator

Noon 2627.21 15859.14 and our first reef in the main

DTD 5275 so vmg 137. Not bad. Signs of real progress – we’ve made good 554 miles from Sydney, and 621 through the water, so we’ve lost a bit in the current. Still, nearly 10% of the journey and on schedule.

About to pull in a weather fax from Charleville. Really getting a good push north from the big high over mainland Oz but there’s a little low forming just ahead of us that might become interesting. Today, 15 – 20 kts, occasional showers with gusty blasts underneath. Put a reef in the main for the first one, just in case, but no dramas. Took it out, wind came in a bit, put it back. no point in boring you with this.

Empty bit of sea. Wonder who has been here before us. Somewhere north of here, more or less on a line from Tahiti to Cape York, we will cross William Bligh’s track to Kupang in the Bounty’s jollyboat. Poignant in all sorts of ways.

Wxfax in – low doesn’t look too threatening yet but – things can change very fast and we’ll watch it.

Great cake Jeanne – thanks. Pete, had a contemplative drop of The Brew for lunch – rather noice. Ta. Do you remember how many you put in?

Time to sleep.

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