FROM 2-2. Equator-Dutch Harbor

noon - almost 2217.10 16557.43

This will morph into noon pos. now 0800, just crossing 22N @ 16656.30. Tropics end @ 23.5N…90 miles. Been headed a bit – now pointing firmly at Kamchatka. This will sort itself over time.

Just morphed @ 1140 dtd 2278, dmg 118 or about 121 for 24 hrs.

Speedy – Hope you had a good Burf and caffeinator has ‘sufficient’ horsepower!

The characteristics of the sea have changed – Temp is trying to go from 33 to 31 deg which might be a sign that we are getting close to top of current. Swell pattern now all from NE – big underlying swell, perhaps 3 – 4 metres @ 50+ metres with smaller wind waves on top, much shorter wavelength, same direction and occasionally meet and amplify underlying swell into short very steep breaking wave. Then confused slop on top of all that. Berri slightly easier as travel veehicle because corkscrewing not so savage with everything more or less lined up. Still need to brace with both legs, eyebrows, earwax and one hand and do everything that has to be done with the other hand. Like, for instance, getting damp trackies to progress upwards from wet feet which stick to material – massively energy sapping but there are techniques – can, for instance, sometimes sit on (damp/wet) floor and work them upwards – or, if Berri really heeled, downwards because feet are then above head level…GRIBs show change in wind and weather from about 24N. Nice to get off stbd tack – and maybe get a look at the barnacle colony that I’m sure is thriving under berri’s port quarter above the antifoul. Photos of the last lot on the old website under ‘arrival in Hobart’ or similar.

We have been offered a set of NWP charts via a friend – Kimbra in charge of chart acquis’n and is investigating. Sensational offer but can’t post details without permission. But thanks by the bucket load. Janx spirit duly and gratefully teleported.

To-do list for Dutch growing daily. Will post it when we get closer.

P & E O’C – noted. I hope you’re several days too late.
P McQ – re AM – any chance I could have one too please? Never ever owned my own copy, so wd be a first. Obeisances as required.

For the Funsters – apropos of nothing in particular:
Ode to Tomato Sauce:
First you shake the bottle
None’ll come, then a lott’l
by Ogden Nash. Not Shakespeare, just whimsy!

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