FROM 2-13. Equator-Cape Town

Nostalgia 3

Me. I seem to be the serious one, as usual. We actually had to go to about 75N to get around a big ice field in Lancaster Sound – sadly, freezing rain and big icebergs meant we were just not able to make it to Beechey Island and the NASA HMP Camp. At the time I wrote this one it seemed that the really hard bit was behind us and so it was, but there was still a lot of nastiness to come, especially dark nights and ice in Davis Strait (but overwhelmed by swimming polar bears and the most glorious auroras) and the Atlantic crossing which destroyed the old engine. It’s all there on this website (2-7. Cambridge Bay-Baffin Bay)  if you can be bothered to wade back past the spammers’ desecrations.


Kimbra’s watch and we are almost as far north as we need to go to round the northernmost point of Somerset Island, just east of Cunningham Bay. So – in an hour or so we should be able to head east, then south east. No more ice visible, Cornwallis just there on the N. horizon and a lighter patch of cloud where Beechey should be, about 45 miles away. Worth just a tiny wooohooo! Pascal’s dotted line is ok so far – we can’t test the Beechey bit but we’ll pick it up again soon.

As for clothing I thought a detailed list might be interesting. On deck, I wear my brown fisherman’s super tough wellies, aka Sitka Slippers, with sock liners and fleece socks. Glove liners and insulated industrial rubber gloves. From the skin out, a thermal vest with long sleeves, T shirt, no knickers or thermals over the nethers (because they promote the most agonising gunwale bum) so a fleece mid layer known as salopettes, with a fleece hoodie on top. Sometimes a balaclava and neck tube. On top of all that, a Mustang survival suit or a float coat and Henri pants if it’s not too cold. Goggles if it’s snowing or windy.

And it has come to pass – at 1750 UTC Sunday August 17 we turned east, then south east at Half way Consultation is occurring. Slightly bigger Wooohooo!

And keep ‘em crossed please. Looong way to go yet.

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