FROM 2-16. Hobart-Sydney

Nothing in particular

Position 0730 11th 3943 14917, trip 117, DMG (25 hours) 114 so on track for some time on Sunday but probably afternoon or evening. Looks as if the North Easter will have set in again by the time we start up the NSW coast and that will completely clobber any chance even perhaps for Sunday. But I never make predictions and an Examinatorial southerly would be noice. Windless and slow at the mo.

An observation – we are not squeezing Bass Strait for our water supply but instead using the water from Berri's tank. We filled it in Falmouth with a little top up in Lisbon so it is mostly hard English water not soft, unadulterated Tasman Sea. When I rinse the soap off my face after my sporadic shaves using squeezed water, the soap seems to stick – the skin stays just that bit slippery slimy. With the Falmouth mix, (acidic?) it all goes with the first rinse – probably curdled as well. Just thought you'd like to know.

Ferals – two grey faced albatrosses with us until yesterday but haven't seen them this morning. Not enough wind probably. There were Storm Petrels too – I think Black Bellied. The original Boot ferals have stayed on after Hobart – dear little things! And we are carrying a couple of hundred flies and other insects so we must be getting close to something or other. Next, we'll see swimming sheep, deserting NZ for sunnier climes.

Scott, would be good to see you.
Woc – could the painting have been of James Clark Ross and Francis Crozier who were Captains of Erebus and Terror when they visited Hobart after Kerguelen in the early 1840s while Sir John and Lady Jane were in Government House.?
Bill W tks for East Coast Current – we'll try to stay west of it up the coast.
Wall – WMP! We shall be in touch.
Sue – EP scratchy but happy.

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