FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Nov 01, 2005 – 0730hrs UTC

0730hrs 01 Nov 2005 UTC 39’35”S 031’16”E Ref 508


For Malcom:@ 3935 3116 01/0730 T 19.5. No noticeable current. Thanks for callsign IA – we’ll holler as we get closer and could perhaps phone them.

H – into the pear and fennel chutney – yum – thanks! Fisting a triple decker biscuit sando as I poke at the keyboard.

Still doing a sail change every few hours – and every time we do, it makes us a few miles – which we’d lose and never recover if we shirked the change. Knackering in the extreme sometimes – but we’re eating up the miles. Seems we have a softish spot behind us and then serious stink, which just might slide down below us. When I look at the large scale chart, there is now clear progress over the pond – my large scale is similar to the tracking charts on the website. The most optimistic guess would put us at Albany in about 35 days.

To all y’all who might have joined me for the London Marathon – seems like it’s a no hoper for this year as entries are firmly slammed shut. Any takers for 2007? Same deal – just an idea at this stage, but let me know.

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