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Nov 02, 2005 - 0850hrs UTC

0850hrs 02 Nov 2005 UTC 39’40”S 033’53”E Ref 513

74/36 – dmg about 115. Back on song tomoz with new numbers from GPS.

From Juddy

 daylight savings just started and did first Monday night spin twighlight last night…feels like summer now.

 Re power needs. Have you considered turning instruments, GPS and VHF off. Maybe leave VHF on when you’re both below but I reckon you could save at least 30 amp/hrs per day that way. Just turn the GPS on to do a plot on the chart twice a day. You guys would know Berri well enough not to need wind info, in fact it might be a blessed relief not to know the wind velocity sometimes.. I’m assuming you have a steering compass, of course.

I did this on Tamboo saing to Tonga and found it made a huge difference. In fact I ended up not using instruments mid ocean on all the other legs.

Juddy, thanks for jolting us – me, really – out of my gizmological complacency. This seat of the pants sailing is much more fun and we’re not dependant on pulling in gribs or actual wind speed or any of that stuff. What’s the wind speed? Don’t know, about 30 kts, but there’s no green water over the decks, no pounding, the lee rail is a foot out of the water and we’ve got 6 – 7 knots through the water. Who cares what the actual speed is, Berri is handling it. So what’s the weather going to do – still looks pretty murky to the west – might pack in a bit, better keep an eye on it. Meanwhile, let’s have a cuppa. Woooohoooo! And, as long as I haven’t got this turned on, the solar is holding the charge under thick cloud with dank, misty rain, vis often 300 metres. Wooohooo again. We’re going to get there – where I’m not yet sure – Albany looks most likely, but SE Cape might just be possible. Eden direct might be possible too, also just. Decisions after half way across – taken to be south of St Paul.

Our S2H entry has been accepted – so we have to get there.

Is – salty dacron – 5 – 7 oz, I think. You can have as much as you need for your stuff.

About 4 hours later – so just who is funding the Examiner? Seems to me this inquisition has been far beyond any reasonable test of the product. Since I wrote the first para, we’ve gone from a full main and cutdown to the 4 and 3 reefs to what was to have been the Tri and the 5 but which became just the tri after we had hanked on the 5 and decided to shove it back down the hole and ride out the nastiness on the tri. Wind at high frequency howl, not yet quite shriek – perhaps gusting 50+. Wave tops blowing off, even grey sky – dark grey green sea, almost jade with the whitecaps stark and beautiful. Enough ambient light scattering around for the panel to go positive and give us 0.6 amps over the 0.4 that we need to keep the gps going with this baby on charge. We were doing between 4 and 7 over the ground. Soaked, white crinkly hands, nails going inside out.

We have new rules for Consultations in this stuff – beer is served on a needs basis and hang the consequences as we get closer to home. Gin will continue to be served at 1700 local time – now over 2.5 hours ahead of Greenwich. There will be a further celebratory Con when sunrise occurs at or about midnight UTC – some time to go yet.

Paul, I thought of portrait A4 too, just as I pressed the transmit button – but landscape works as well – leaves room for other stuff top and bottom…

And now we have a glimmer of sunshine – still at incipient shriek, but must be backing off a bit. Solar panel carrying the laptop – woohoo.

02/1025 – not for long. We’re now firmly in shriek mode – looks like steady 50, gusting 60+ – short, breaking seas, 4 – 5 metres, masses of white water moving horizontally. Berri catching the occasional one side on and thumping and shuddering in sheets and clouds of spray. I’ve just come in from the cockpit and shed my sodden party gear – wow! huge gust – boat on almost beam ends 70+? – where I was trying to help the poor old trisail cope – it is now so old and battered that it has a big belly in it and it tends to bag and hold the wind rather than spill it as designed to do, so the leech vibrates horribly occasionally. I tried to tweak it down but that made it worse, so eased the working sheet a bit and ground on the lazy – windward – sheet and that has improved it a little. Brian S, if you’re reading this, could you please try to find us a second hand trisail that you could alter to fit – if you have the plan for it. If you do, the foot needs to slope down from the tack so that the clew is about 8 – 10 inches lower than on the present one to get the lead right. The present one is right-angled at the tack. I have a halyard tape on the old one that we can transfer to the new one. Thanks heaps – also looking at a battenless #3 along the lines of the cutdown – will discuss when we get there. Pse email if you see this to confirm. Ta.

Enough – will try to send in a couple of hour.

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