FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Nov 02, 2005 – 1200hrs UTC

1200hrs 02 Nov 2005 UTC 39’47”S 034’13”E Ref 514

Past shriek into full blown scream. Pulled in the trisail in uproar of crashing water – sea going from dirty grey to swimming pool blue with white icing and back into smoky blue grey streaks and foam. Tennis court sized swimming pools. Scary and beautifrul. But I do wish it would blow away – we’re just sitting it out again – waves perhaps not so bad as knockdwn storm but fingers crossed and clench firmly in place. No idea of wind  speed, mst be at least 70. Bare poling – feels a bit better without tri. New rainsquall – more wind. So dark in cabin, need headlight to see keybd. Ferals in hiding – dont like bootfuls of water. New birds – dirty grey/brown – sort of cigarette ash muddy all over with same coloured beaks – look like small albys. Sitting on water in midst of maelstrom.

Unable send so will write more – in a lull – not fooled – had one before and came back stronger. Percy Vere, get over here! Had half knockdown – not serious but waves big enough. Was rgiht about lull – coming back again. Heavy driving rain. Vis 100 mtrs. No sign of abating. Can someone please tell me whether this is normal for here, now, or are we just unlucky? Seems we have had a succession of nasty ones that we had not expected. But whatever, we shall overcome.

Simon – the examiner visits us all – we shall have a consultation to your good health. Perhaps a sail when you recover? Best to Lucy and the kids, Steve speaks highly of you, and that is good enough for us.

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