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Nov 03, 2005 - 0350hrs UTC

0350hrs 03 Nov 2005 UTC 39’43”S 035’33”E Ref 515

One of the nastiest nights of my life. I feel gutted, drained, pulverised. Not really sensible to sit here but show must go on. Laptop lashed 2 nav tbl across keybd.

This direct from scribbled notes from midnight ish:

Yest pm storm abated to gentle 30 kt or so. G&T around 5 because it had been that sort of day. Another instead of dinner – THAT sort of day. I went to bed 1 hr – thought worst over – pete saw sun going down under overcast – relieved him, black overcast again – 1 star faintly vis.

used to Berri being quite light inside @ night – instruments, LEDs etc – now all off to conserve – no longer warm friendly light – blackness – reaches out, surrounds, – envelops, grasps suffocates. Wind past shriek to scream like persistent scream babies have designed to corrode insides of any listener till shove bottle in mouth – problem is can’t bottle feed storm in SIO. Impotent & scared. Must sit, listen and be assaulted – drillls into soul and starts to melt from inside.

Turned on inst – watched wind speed 2-3 minutes – never below 65. Later some massive gusts very much over – boat almost laid flat, wind banshee. Can hear somewaves coming -xpress train roar – awful sickening wait for crash and roll as arrives – roaring water, violent motion  – some sneak up – complete silence, shuddering crash, fear gripping totally – no remedy. Always fear that next one will be THE one. Sitting as write on floor back to sink legs uphill feet on side of nav tbl. Unsafe sleep in my bunk – might get hurled out again if anchoring spectra takes out shelf – land on pete, both injured. Just sit/stand, sweat it out. no way can sleep antway – pete says can sleep when knows I’m up fretting – nicest thing heard for ages!

Every lull -lotts of them – is this the end of storm??

Perhaps easier with more experience – can’t know but don’t think so. Made cuppa 4 p & self – mine completely lost as massive roll at exact moment let go of mug on bench to hand pete his. Damn. PPPP start again – something to do pass time. Wonder if will ever read this in comfy armchair with Dr Cooper.

Too much stuff on coachroof – catches water can’t help it now – think later.

Kevv0 wonderful took us along 120M last night – now 070ish – big wind change fm N to W – on top of low? Went south of 40 during  night, now back north.

Sort of happy grin to think storm Alby Tommy M having a laugh. Bastard!

Amanda- gotcha – no probs – pse be nice to S Jinks RYA if too late Ta.

Must write re diff between big boats small boats. Ocean 80 a small ship – Berri a tiny plastic soapdish half length of cricket pitch. Much smaller than waves – cant outrun, must cooperate with them as much as poss but feel every single one.

Near knockdn 02/2302 getting worse – scary. loose stuff hurtling cant secure everything. 2 big waves in succession. Erk! Gets bloody uncomftble on floor.

Small abate – wake pete and get into his bunk – but wind abates then slams back from soft silence to scream in an instant.


3 hours later – daylight – small drop – wind prob about 40 – 45.  Hard tight lines of cloud to west and around. Big big waves, blue translucent swimming pool tops, crashing light blue foamy water in daylight. Fabulous lethal indifferent power.

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