FROM 1-27. Indian Ocean Examiner

Nov 03, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 03 Nov 2005 UTC 39’27”S 035’46”E Ref 516

DB: dmg 106 gps 118 75/35

In the residual turbulence after the storm. About 25 – 30 kt, 7 -8 mtr swell from west, occasionally breaking leaving smoky blue swathes behind with foaming windlines. Confab half an hour ago and decided on conservative approach – Berri rolling severely still, so just # 5 till swell abates so don’t roll poles into water. Big potentially showstopping mistake if do! Really need twin poled 5 & 4 to get direction East but settled for about 030 for time being. Amazing how much better it all feels in daylight!

Round about now must be shirt auction on Lord Howe. Wonder how it’s going and who won the race?

I was rabbiting on a couple of days ago about the joys of seat-of-the-pants sailing. It’s great for us cruising boozing Old Farts but of course doesn’t compute for the round the world racers who must know with great precision exactly what is ahead and behind – they have the speed to go hunting for favourable combinations of wind and current and they have the internet access and communications to get real time data all the time. And the brains to use it all.

The solar panel, even stowed under cloudy overcast gives us half an amp – almost enough to keep us going on its own in sotp sailing mode. Wooohoo.

Chris – thanks for Homer – rings bells everywhere, but he knew the name of his Examiner – we don’t know who we’ve offended. Hope there’s a nice Goddess out there looking out for us too. Hi Lindsay – thanks for your note and yes. we are trying to get back in time to do the Sydney Hobart this year. I’m glad you liked the pink albatrosses – so did we!

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