FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 05, 2005 - 1030hrs UTC

1030hrs 05 Nov 2005 UTC 40’23”S 039’21”E Ref 522

DB: DMG 116, GPS 126, DTG Alb 3623, 77/33 I shall have to start recycling these updates. We’re bare poled again – went straight there this time, from 3 reefs and the 5. In retro, might have been better to have set the tri,  but 20/20 hindsight is always better than a prediction. Same as the last two or three – wind banging in from the north off the back of a high, will probably increase from current 40 and back into top of low and the fan will start to revolve. I’m still hoping we’re just far enough across now to miss the worst of it. Clench, babes, and lets wait and see! The frustration is that every time we do this, it’s a day added to the end. We’ve got to break out of it sometime. Now fore reaching about 170M, expecting, if last time any guide, about 24 hours of this, then backing to west and we’ll be blown back north again. Tedious. Another jolly day in the bus shelter. It’s a lot like the corner ofS. Americaon the way up.

Isabella tells me that Wally and Gromit have the best equipment ever for getting into party gear. I remember the first one – why didn’t we think of that?

Who was the MC at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? I think it was Max Quordlepleen – we need him right here, to wrk the levers and rock us out into the end of the storm past 42 degrees or so and gently waft us back in again as we eat our specially presented piece of genetically engineered cow. We could watch the blue rinse SFX in comfort rather than sitting upended on the floor. Zarquon’s followers could give us a rousing cheer to encourage us from time to time. Marvin could park HotBlack’s ship and come inside after his zillion years as a parking attendant and we could all be hammered by HotBlack’s band – don’t remember it’s name but rather noisy, then we could go and jump the improbability drive back to Sydney. Summon the Goat!

From Juddy

Phew! it doesn’t sound too relaxing out there at the moment. Perhaps as you get further away from the Cape the lows won’t be as viscious, although you are a fair way away now. Anyway I hope you get some fair sailing as well.

 Sorry for taking a few days to reply; I needed to negotiate the `leave pass’. I’d be delighted to join you for another Sydney Hobart. I was going to ask you though, if we could get in for New Year’s Eve because as much as I enjoyed the last time I spent New Years eve on Berri with Alex, a bubble slowly going past the transom and a seal, it would be nice to kick up our heels together in Hobart….

Juddy, thanks – great. We’ve just got to get out of this nonsense and back there. Not at all what I was expecting – got it badly wrong somewhere. Do you have SSSC? If not, any chance you could get it? Gerry Fitz might be around between now and then. Not a showstopper if too hard -I’m sure one of the others will have it.

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