FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 07, 2005 – 0200hrs UTC

0200hrs 07 Nov 2005 UTC 39’48”S 043’44”E Ref 527

With apologies to Rabbie’s ghost, the best laid plans of mice and men and me gang aft agley. I had expected that, should this venture decide to go pear shaped, it would happen going down the Atlantic and that once at the latitude ofCape   Townon schedule, it should have been in the bag. Not so it seems! Back to the equation – the shortest way home from here is direct to Gabo. The great circler for that would take us south of Kerguelen and just clip NW Tasmania. We wont be going south of Kerguelen in this little boat but we’ll try and get down till we can see the whites of the eyes of the penguins on the rocks. The thermals are coming out, the teeth are being cranked once again into grit mode, we’re about to change mainsails and turn south. Hang on for the ride – it could save us a couple of days. I’m trying to arrange to have some diesel and Boags shipped out to us as we passTasmania, assuming the plan is still afoot so that we can bypassAlbanyandEdenand go straight forSydney. It isn’t over yet. Roger, may need special arrangement to clear customs if cut very fine. 49 days to go.

Malcom, cd u please estimate CPA for Dufresne and we’ll try and call them half a day ahead.

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