FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 07, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 07 Nov 2005 UTC 39’52”S 044’15”E Ref 529

Now 3952 04415 07/0900 s/line -49, day 80

DB: DMG 100, GPS 104, Gt.C. DTG Gabo is 4634, rhumb line about 4850 so only a day in it. Might be the day we need.

Still soft but moving – not quite the Ride of the Valkyries across the watery waste to the great grey Island, more the Sugar Plum Fairy. And our own pet hot pink Valkyrie will no doubt have an assignment or two in the kitbag for us. Bliss!

Our average GPS distance covered in the 80 days has been over 130 – pity it has been all over the ocean rather than DMG, but we can definitely cover the distance. Average distance since Henry has been about 100 but a different measurement and not directly comparable. I measured the distance between start and finish coordinates – again, not DMG but an approximation.

From Ann G.

Reading the log everyday (at least once) and I happened to be reading the preparations sections of the webpage and found the following: “” Aquair uses a towed impeller giving approx 4.5 amps @ 6 knots, or a wind conversion giving approx 6 amps @ 40 knots wind.   We have also built a direct drive from a folding bicycle – output not yet tested but likely to be comparable.   Both crew members fit enough to pedal for at least two hours…””  Has the folding bicycle idea not worked to generate power?

 Please be patient and don’t go off the deep end.  Sometimes when the end is in sight (no matter what the project) I get impatient for it (whatever it is) to be finished.  Easy for me to day from the comfort of my studio on this bright warm Saturday in November in Washington DC.  Temp is about 25C, no wind :^), and bright sunshine. 

 We just had a lengthy visit from a pair of blue jays – big squawking things but beautiful to observe.

 I’m sorry it looks tight for reaching the startline of S2H05.  Here’s hoping it ain’t so, and miraculously you’ll be able to get there in time.

 Ann – we abandoned the bike with much sadness – it had become a friend, but it took up too much room. Wouldn’t have helped now anyway because intended to connect to serviceable generator.

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