FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 07, 2005 – 1130hrs UTC

1130hrs 07 Nov 2005 UTC 39’59”S 044’27”E Ref 530

Now 3959 04427 07/1130 – barometer holding but some serious looking cloud piling up behind. Present wind SW about 15 kts, low therefore to the south somewhere. Interesting.

Shackleton mentions lots of birds – mollymauks, cape pigeons, petrels various, sooty and wandering albatrosses – I think out brownish ones mat be sooty albys – they are medium sized with yellowish beaks proportionately longer that some of the others. No dolphins since mid atlantic, no whales, no phosphorescence – just a brilliant moon, Venus and a little squid. And a tiny flying fish on deck this morning – seriously lost, poor thing.

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