FROM 1-28. How Low To Go? Towards 45°S

Nov 09, 2005 - 2300hrs UTC

2300hrs 09 Nov 2005 UTC 41’48”S 049’27”E Ref 539

about 4600 miles tosydney- and 48 days to do it in. we are 4000 miles from completing the circumnavigation, which will happen just south of tasman island, all going well. sooooo good to have a mission statement. we are self actualising like crazy. returning to my mind picture mid atlantic, of all the ships that evert passed that way – the same picture would be interesting here – we’re  right in the groove they all followed across this bit of ocean and bleak and cold and damp and dismold it is. there would be a lot fewer very early caravels, mostly the cook era explorer and the following convict and settler ships heading foraustraliaand nz, including henry’s java, lots of migrant ships, commercial shipping, tea clippers, and the big transition from sail to steam. the german navy used kerguelen in ww1 and the french now have scientific bases there and on ileamsterdamto the north.

we’re still more or less on track – at the moment, between the gc and the rhumb line so all positive. wind uncertain, about 15 from the s. we are hoping it will back around to the sw or even w.

From Brian and Jen

 Still enthralled and captivated with your journey,  as much as our imagination allows we are with you. Your writings are magnificent and alive with the occasion, you certainly paint an honest and true likeness of your surroundings and thoughts.I have been pondering ways of helping with the finances and was pondering the fact that you gave me five stanchions that were damaged and replaced following your knockdown in the Southern Ocean. The eantrapunurial in me thinks that they could be of value to anyone who has followed you throughout your journey, maybe a sponsor. They could be auctioned off at your yacht club or someone else may have some ideas on how to use them raise money.The staunchions could be polished and engraved with thee details, what do you think? If its a goer I will freight them over to Aus for you.

brian and jen thanks for offer – probably better to use them yourselves or chop them up and turn them into jewellery or fishing weights. i don’t think we’re famous enough  to flog them. does anyone want a genuine piece of berrimilla bent stainless steel staunchion nicely polished as a necklace bobble or a brooch?

spowie and bev – have just launched second jar of mango pickle – thanks – helps add spice to our days.

From Scott P.

Let me know if you are looking for a supplies top-up rendezvous when passing Tasmania – can’t promise anything but I have a few friends down that way with reasonable size (23-24 ft) speedboats that may be able to either help out or at least ask around the traps.

scott p. – thanks for offer of mates with speedboats – we’re probably ok but will keep in mind.

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