FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 13, 2005 - 0345hrs UTC

0345hrs 13 Nov 2005 UTC 42’57”S 057’43”E Ref 546

We’ve been trying to claw our way south to 45 but it’s not so easy – in a 40 kt westerly with a big breaking beam sea, about 140M is about all that we can manage, especially with just a storm jib. Times they are a’changin’ I hope. The wind has died a bit – 30 ish, and the baro is rising and at first light we went out into the cold and put up the main with 3 reefs and we’re back in the tramline making about 165 for a GC track of 171 – at about 7 kts. WOOOHOOO. If only…. If we get down the next 120 miles to 45, we’ll turn east and run along the latitude.

You won’t want to know about this but… (That’s not a bad theme for a few updates – might think about it) I was making my daily cup of soup using our stock of Majestic dried soup that they packaged specially for us and I rummaged around for the dried minced garlic that I often use to keep the Vampires at bay. Boat rolling, pitching, gyrating, strapped to the galley, I poured a pinch of garlic from the ziplock bag into my mug – except the boat rolled and it ended up as about a tablespoon. Too good to waste, so I made the soup anyway and have now processed it to the fractionating tower stage, so the gases are escaping through the vent. Hooooooley dooooley it’s fruity around here! Pity we can’t use the stuff to cook with! Titan Uranus or pucker the freckle for social reasons is nicer than the usual.

Izz, what’s wrong with Quordlepleen, Xantrex and Zarquon? Angela – Isabella has told me about your contribution to the communications system – Thank you!!

From Martin S.

Have just read your latest log entry – poor Pete, having a cold clammy HWB to contend with! Not a happy camper at all in that bus shelter, I am sure.

Remember Juri? The poor lad is still out there, trying to get to Cape Town. He had a bad fall a while back, and has apparently slipped a disc in his back, which is very painful, and not allowing him to be too mobile. I received the update below from Jack just now :

 Inmarsat reports the position of Juri S52YS/MM at 16:01 UTC today as 33-43-42 S and 07-2-39 E, course 095T(2Kt). The winds appear to be Southerly 10 Kt. Jack, AA3GZ.

 We are keeping all fingers and toes crossed re Berri staying in the westerlys and hammering down the parallels with noice amounts (no more hurricanes!) of the windy stuff, and steady seas from behind.

Good luck, and go for it! A Donf!

Martin – thanks for update on Juri – poor lad – we’re deep in sympathy – hard to believe he’s going so slowly unless you’ve actually been there and then it is understandable. Pse send him our best wishes if you can. Once he arrives, all will be trivial in retrospect. Looking forward to meeting the new Wizard – I have made arrangements to have all his magic and spells restored but he will have to kiss a few ferals instead of a frog.

Thick, beetling overcast, water T 12.5, can’t really tell that it’s 60cm higher out there than usual. Punching along, occasionally overpowered in the gusts with the rainsqualls but not stressed. Can almost reach out and grab the other end of the string to start tying the knot in Storm Bay.

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