FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 13, 2005 – 0830hrs UTC

0830hrs 13 Nov 2005 UTC 43’16”S 058’25”E Ref 547

All y’all – the equation in stark reality. As I’m sure that any of you who can count will have realised already, it looks like this: Distance to go toSE Capealong the GC track is 3667 miles – or 30 days at 120 miles/day. This is the absolute minimum time that it is reasonable to expect to be able to do it in. Add another day for meanderings off the GC track, so 31 days. That takes us to Dec 14th. The absolute latest we can leaveStormBaywith a boat full of diesel and Dr Coopers and make the start is Dec 18th, so we have a margin of 4 days or 480 miles. Every day over 120 miles goes on, every day under comes off.

Another way to look at it is that we have 35 days to passTasmanIslandgoing north which looks more like 105 miles/day.

It’s going to be a close run thing. We need a lot of luck, all 4 P’s in full measure and some help from our friends in Taswegia. On which, Josh threatened to bring the mighty Quetzalcoatl down to wave to us – that would be nice, Josh, if you can get out of the office. We’re looking at Dec 14- 15, I reckon.

Malcolm or John, as long as we’re still in the game, if you could rustle up a diver to come down with any welcoming party, to do a quick and dirty barnacle scrape and earth plate polish, we’d be grateful. The old soapdish is looking pretty grubby.

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