FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 13, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 13 Nov 2005 UTC 43’17”S 058’27”E Ref 548

DB: DMG 130, GPS 147, DTG 3664, margin starts now at 480. Day 85, 44 to go. Still in the game! We’re back amongst the warehouses – big, rolling in from the SW off the low to the south, presumably. Not too steep so far. Storm Jib and 3 reefs and we’ve decided that we have to take the punt and start pushing beyond the comfort zone. So tat’s what we’re doing. It’s ok most of the time but every now and again we get a gust with a rainsquall that induces a bit of pucker. We’re averaging better than 6 knots and trying to keep that margin open. Can’t send this for another 2 hours at least so will update later. Now 4330 5852 13/1200 DTG 3642 and the GPS has just clicked over 10,000 miles since Falmouth. It’s been off for a bit so we’ve done at least that. Scarce G&T to celebrate in an hour or so.

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