FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 14, 2005 - 0315hrs UTC

0315hrs 14 Nov 2005 UTC 44’15”S 060’24”E Ref 551

lumpy, wet, windy + ‘orrible but making good speed n the right direction. wx info great, steve, thanks – so far guesstimation on the button.

From Malcom R.

John and I have been conferring about your pit stop in Tassie and have a couple of suggestions for you to consider. First one is that instead of Recherche, you come into Adventure Bay on Bruny Is. Much closer to Hobart (for us), no further out of your way than Recherche, shop and other resources on site, and a jetty that you might be able to come in to for loading.

Second option (prompted by your need for a scrub) was to come to RYCT, clear customs and quarantine, scrub your collective bums and head off with all formalities taken care of, ready for the S/H start. John has offered car and accom if you want to stay a night (or two).

Obviously the final decision will depend on how things are looking closer to your arrival. Bottom line is – we’ll be there – wherever and whenever ‘there’ is!

also malcom. doing it by headbang for the mo – torn between wanting ease + comfort and good speed. going for speed.

From Martin S.

By way of contrast to my previous note, have a look at the Volvo website after 1 day at sea of intense racing, and be prepared to be amazed / horrified / whatever – 40 knots of wind, in Biscay, at the end of day 1, and this is happening already?

I hate to think what these boats will be like in the southern ocean……. by comparison, 40 odd knots is an afternoon stroll in the park for the Berrimillas – and look at what they have encountered in the past – 80+ knots and a few knockdowns with the mast head in the water….. lets hope they dont have any catastrophic Volvo race losses.

The Lowdown is at

Quite amazing. Think of over-sized 60′ dinghies with keels designed to swing, surfing at up to 30 knots at times, and wiping out occasionally……

Fair winds, and happy Volvo (and Berri!) surfing,

martin, tks for info, do hope donna ok – she sent us a note before leaving. don’t know her boat but down here no place for bathtub toys.  hi katherine + stephen, good to hear from you: tks for wisdom stuff, chris. work to do + this v difficult so will try to send. have just cracked 100 for 24 hrs and still 6 hrs to go. wooohooo


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