FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 14, 2005 - 0420hrs UTC

0420hrs 14 Nov 2005 UTC 44’18”S 060’33”E Ref 552

unable send – wind has eased mini pooptillionth and traces of sunlight. sea all glistening towering power with rushing crests blue-white like icing but with lurking menace. have just spent half hour completely dismantling my bunk to get at supply of vegie tins under it. down to last 2 bags – about 30 tins. bunk soaking wet – mattress almost in running water – bag relatively dry, protected from dripping condensation by searug on top. not using bivvy bag – bunk in new format with spectra cocoon too uncomfortable without having to contend with slimline bivvy so risking all on searug.

From Annie T.

Could you please send me either Malcolm Robinsons email address, or phone number, so that I can contact him re. any help needed by him in assisting the intrepid Berrimilla Boys, down here in Hobart.  We have yacht with HF radio and access to TasCoast Radio (better equipment ) if useful.  

annie t – tks for tas cst radio info – are times in eastern standard or daylight saving time? please contact malcolm robinson re any help needed etc – i think he is coordinating meeting and turn around arrangements. cd you pse check whether derek @ pentac still doing long range skeds @ 0600 + 2100 utc on ch 8, 12 + 16. if so, shld get him soon. ta.

v hard not to sit here just watching the boatlengths clicking off on the gps. very much last few k of marathon – pain, metre by metre by metre. can sense the finish line but not yet smell it or hear the noise. 3553 to go on gc track, about 150 more when we run along 45s.

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