FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 16, 2005 – 0630hrs UTC

0630hrs 16 Nov 2005 UTC 45’04”S 065’39”E Ref 558

4504 6539 16/0630. becalmed, bemused, benign, marooned upon the balham line – or something like that -i’m sure peter sellers fans will correct me. what a pain. but i do think we have the nice knot of current sent to us by csiro in hobart – thanks guys and come and find us and claim a beer or two.


db: dmg 87, gps 112, margin 476-33=443 day 88, 41 to start. margin beginning to slip away – becalmed still, no sign of wind. gales preferable. pse tell caro we’ll be listening, wx permitting.

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