FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 16, 2005 - 2315hrs UTC

 2315hrs 16 Nov 2005 UTC 44’51”S 066’40”E Ref 561

4451 6640 16/2315 not happy. still no worthwhile wind – we’ve spent the last 12 hours or so hand steering, tweaking, generally doing our best to keep up the illusion that the old bus shelter is still on the move. easy with merlin – just feed in a few random numbers, tell him to pretend we are about a day further along the track, press the def button and your uncle bob appears with a set of coordinates to send to steve who updates the track and feeds this waffle to the website.

in fact, hand steering in the cold and damp and very uncomfortably lumpy sea in the depths of a very black dripping night underlines just how shatteringly, totally dependent we are on kevvo.

From Marcus H., UK

Just to let you know  that I am still with you every step/metre of the way. The berrimilla sandwiches are going well with comments like “”a bit unusual but really good””. Having read that  you had Beef Stroganoff with mushy peas recently(chef Stroganoff would turn in his grave) it gave me an idea, what about a cook book of your more unusual dishes perhaps even some mistakes that you thought were delicious, for the boating community.

I wish you luck with the plan and the wind, I feel you are going to make it to the start line. Maybe a little more garlic without restraint might help.

if kevvo karks, what you will have out here, marcus, is old fart soup. bigtime. there’s the old oz joke about cooking a galah (oz grey parrot, gerzillions of them in flocks everywhere). boil galah with fetid socks, three month thermals and a housebrick for two days. throw away galah and other remnants and eat the housebrick with tabasco. ever tried eating a bus shelter? onya kevvo. he’s in charge, just, as i write, else couldn’t talk to yez-all. not his fault that he has difficulty in minimal wind and heavy sea – when the boat gets hurled sideways by big swell, sideways movement creates wind over kevo’s vane, ergo kievvo makes adjustment, but usually the wrong way – real wind from the other side.

dmg since 0900 – 14 hours – has been 23 miles. desperation setting in again.

20 minutes later – windshift to sw – hard to interpret – perhaps front of high moving across – so where did the low go?  anyway, dropped this message, went up into the cold damp bleak predawn – lovely silvery sky behind clouds to the east, some stars including the cross – silhouettes of wheeling birds – was wearing last pair of warm dry gloves – tacked boat, handling wet sheets – now have cold wet gloves. poo.

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