FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 19, 2005 – 0030hrs UTC

0030hrs 19 Nov 2005 UTC 44’55”S 074’09”E Ref 567

and we’ve passed heard island – legally well clear of the marine park that surrounds it – so it could be said that we are more or less back in australian territorial waters. wooohooo. but not yet half way across the indian ocean with the work yet to be done. at 2300 utc on nov 22 we will get a phone call from caroline at the rorc awards dinner to tell us about it and we intend to have the most effective consultation we can muster to go with it – we’ll be past heard, well under 3000 to go, and we’ll have an award to look forward to. steve will collect it for us and bring it back. it’s all happening.

and we’re still very much in the game – we ought to make the required average run today and as long as things stay in the normal groove, we will be on the start line in 38 days. keeping busy doing all the little maintenance jobs – the next major will be dismantling one of the kite winches which has seized and trying to get it going again. needs a quiet day, preferably with some sun – it’s really cold down here. we would like all y’all to do whatever is necessary to placate poseidon so that he gives us a nice southerly once we get to tasman island. malcom, we’ll be in touch for the best route from there.

roger@ cyc – if all goes according to plan, we’ll have a couple of days to turn the boat around. would be enormously helpful if we could get a vehicle into the car park or the rushcutter park. no big fixes needed as far as we know, may need some safety gear, will have to take kevvo off the back and do a huge unload and hosing out of feral colonies and other undesirables. we will not have time for a lift to clean the bottom so could you please ask sven or another diver to stand by – not a big job, just a barnacle scrape around the rudder and under the keel and a polishing job on the radio earth. paperwork should be in order, irc cert has been renewed, insurance has been extended by fastnet marine – richard, if you are reading this, would you please send confirmation to and mal can forward to roger at cyc. we still have a legible no. 71 on the side from the last s2h and it would be nice to keep that if possible. also tattered remains of fastnet rolex stick!


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