FROM 1-29. Running Along 45°S

Nov 19, 2005 - 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 19 Nov 2005 UTC 45’08”S 075’27”E Ref 568

db: dmg 138, gps 153, margin 441+18=459, day 91, 38 to the start, 28 to ti. 2973 to sec.

another day of good running – not as wild as yesterday but we’re covering the ground and i think we have a smidgin of current too. water t = 8.7 and we’re heading slightly north to get back into the more favourable stream – thanks malcom. from here, we would have to be a bit unlucky not to make it, i think, we have about 4 days still in hand and every good day makes this a better buffer. it will still be tight, whatever happens. we must have missed the french r/v marion dufresne by only a few miles yesterday. i tried to call them on the satphone but they were switched off. didn’t see them on sob and no response to an individual dsc call on vhf, so we were’nt in vhf range, at least when i thought we should be.

fenwick, sorry to hear you missed the barbecue – couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. did anyone buy the shirt? and did you get my rather sheepish renewal of the s2h invitation? you won’t have to do a single sail change…

we’re just counting off the milestones to keep the mind from wandering. the next one should be half way across the indian ocean at 85e, perhaps at around the same time as the rorc awards night. then we are eagerly awaiting the first sound of derek barnard’s particularly gravel-like voice on a long range sked from pentacomstat. that will be a special day. i’m already getting wx faxes from vmw (the ox bureau of met. broadcast station at wiluna) but they only go as far west as 90 deg so no use for a bit yet bit weary.

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