FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 22, 2005 – 0300hrs UTC

0300hrs 22 Nov 2005 UTC 45’18”S 084’59”E Ref 574

we are just passing 85e – half way between cape agulhas and secepe and i have my celebratory wendy in my hand. thanks, wendy, your specials and your tin of chocolates have sustained us mightily along this rather difficult first half.  it has taken us 27 days – seems like a century – and we have the same distance to go. 27 days would be just within schedule for tasman island, but i hope – fervently, voraciously – that we’ll do this half a bit faster.

we’re in the top right corner of a nasty tight little low and it’s 40 kts ish and rough and violent. but today is a special day – if i can send this, could anyone at rorc please tell janet, peter or caro that we’ll plug the phone into the boat at 2230 and keep listening until midnight. it is likely to be pretty nasty here, so connection might be spotty – if it drops out, try again immediately and keep trying until 2330. after that i will call caro’s mobile a couple of times. have a grand party and if you hear strange noises, it’s probably us muttering in the wings.

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