FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 23, 2005 – 0250hrs UTC

0250hrs 23 Nov 2005 UTC 45’04”S 087’48”E Ref 576

DB: dmg 120, gps 134, dtg  2452, margin 500, day 95, 34 to start, 25 to TI.(Shld be last sentence in this message)

How much better can it get? We are hooooning downwind twinned at 7 – 8 kts, huge breaking following sea, intermittent sunlight and sparkle, Berri rolling and skewing like crazy – and – get this – the dolphins are back, cavorting all around us in the chaos. Wonderful. And we have had a lovely series of garbled phone calls from Drapers Hall, London, and the RORC awards. We spoke to Caro, Janet, Chris (yes! He does exist, unless it was another dero in the next bus shelter along!!) Laura, Roger, John and at least one other person whose name got lost in the noise. Sorry. There will be emails and photos. Thanks to everyone at RORC – huge honour and deeply appreciated and thanks to Caro for deputising and for phone calls. We finished Dave’s RANSA Bundy on the strength of all of that. One largish tot each was all there was. Roger, (PB not CYC) if you are reading this, PB could have a go along the lines you suggested, but way too late for this year, I think.

Australia has appeared on the GPS screen too – only the bottom left hand corner but we’re almost home. I think the odds have shifted our way – start line here we come.

For all y’all out there, this is a good moment for the deros in the bus shelter. Thanks in wheelbarrow loads for your interest and support and enthusiasm. It has been and is an extraordinary experience. If any of you feel the need for a challenge, Steve and I intend to get ourselves on to the start line of the 2007 London Marathon with as many of you as want to come along. Else, we’re going to miss you. Let us know. There might be a book launch at about the same time.

The next little milestone will be in the propagation engine in the sailmail package on the laptop. Africa is at 3026 miles, Firefly NSW at 3043. in about 7 miles, they will change places at the top of the stations list. WOOOHOOO. Then we will get to hear Derek on the long range Penta sked and we’ll know we’re almost back with a tick in the box.

Much too early to think about a coming home party yet, but get the idea at least pencilled into the relevant bit of the cortex and come along – it may be at very short notice.

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