FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 24, 2005 – 0300hrs UTC

0300hrs 24 Nov 2005 UTC 45’07”S 090’26”E Ref 579

how the mood changes. 24 huors ago, just after caro’s phone call i thought we were perfectly placed to ride the weather systems all the way home and it was all joyous optimism. now, it seems the developing high has taken over the whole australian bight and way out west past us. we have almost no wind – the most ephemeral of silky zephyrs – and we’re back in mega-wallow and the great slough of despond. the latest wx fax shows no prospect of change for at least 2 days, but possibly much longer. this will completely erode our 4 day margin as well as having other implications relating to supply of metho and other alcoholic substances. essentially, we seem to be about 100 miles too far north with no real prospect of relief. we are using any movement we can get to send us south, but it’s desperate stuff. we’re about to put the #1 up to catch what there is, and we’ll look carefully for the assy if it looks like helping. keep biting those nails.

perhaps the examiner has the one last stern question – take away their margin, slap a deficit on them and see what they are really made of. i don’t even know that myself.

at least xantic have come back to us – difficult problem, may take days to solve but here’s a work-around  – which, if you get this, is working.  we have configured the equipment to talk through a different land earth station.

[Ed: an hour later]

crank up the imagination into infinite improbability and try this one – two old farts in their sugar plum fairy kits tippy toeing across the stage on points from the bus shelter to the loo trying to stay behind the examiner’s back, avoid the pigeons and the dogs and keep the breeze… there’s just a tiny puff… poled out 1, full main… da da da da dada dah dada dah dada dah……

it’s not over yet

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