FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 26, 2005 – 2230hrs UTC

2230hrs 26 Nov 2005 UTC 46’10”S 100’28”E Ref 588

lovely sunrise after gentle remains of reflected sunset last night. crossed 100e and 2000 to go during the night so awaiting consultation with dr wendy and her special potion. a biggie – under 2000 out of about 31000 is almost on the doormat. wooohooo. but it is still nearly 2000 miles and the examiner, i’m sure, has some more stern questions.

iz – any sign of sj?

[Ed: an hour later]

a clear sunrise turned to overcast with astonishing speed – under a series of rainsqualls, perhaps 35 kts, 3-5 mtr waves close together twin poled with cutdown and 4 – hairy but interesting ride huge sternwave rolling up behind us as we cascade and roar down the wave fronts. the twin poles right out at the front pull us through – whereas a main with rthe same sail area would cause monster broach because leverage exerted from aft of the mast… cutdown is about 2 x size of 4, same luff length, cut down from old lightweight 1 and still has same foot as 1 so almost isosceles triangle and a brilliant sail for reaching and downwind. the two together are low down – about half the forestay – but very powerful. so drive is low and relatively safe.

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