FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 27, 2005 – 0354hrs UTC

0354hrs 27 Nov 2005 UTC 46’07”S 101’25”E Ref 589

we have just had a rearrangement of the order of the 4 p’s, we’ve spent the last few hours surfing down the faces of 8 – 10 metre breaking seas with 25 – 30 knots dead aft and the cutdown and the 4 twinned. great tight freckled fun, with anywhere between 8 and 12 kts for sustained bursts, berri handling it beautifully with kevvo doing his charioteer stuff down the back (hi, l, j, + h – kevvo’s got tired arms) but only needs a small consternation of the aeolian stability and it could have become very messy. so – massive attack of prudence, backed up by patience and supported by some persistence and a lot of perseverance and we went out and took down the faithful cutdown and set the 5 instead – about 30% of the sail area,  no more wild surfs, a smallish unclench – just a gentle easement of the continuously puckering freck, on song as it were, to get us past se cape. and the forecast is for another gale with embedded cold front. good egg. and we’re still getting consistent 6 – 9’s.

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