FROM 1-30. To abeam Cape Leeuwin

Nov 29, 2005 – 0725hrs UTC

0725hrs 29 Nov 2005 UTC 46’21”S 107’46”E Ref 599

very slow at the mo – have been hand steerig under flopping assy, almost no breeze – big front forecast tonight – now twinned 1 + 2, water t 10.2 and we have some current under us – perhaps 2 kt. – lots of clumps of kelp – nothing like the falklands conveyor belts but biggish. also conical bubble floaties, all covered in 2cm barnacles so out here for some time. seem to occur in patches – thousands then none.. consulted to celebrate wartm weather and the assy for first time sin ce cape verdes. noice. will lose some hard earned margin today, i think. 1658 to go, so now at 103 with 90 minutes to go. poo.

[Ed: 10 minutes later:]

g + t @ 0948 gmt today – woohoo -about to pass 108e

hi heggie, jennifer – looking fwd to that ale somewhere soon – good luck with preps.

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