FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 01, 2005 – 1200hrs UTC

1200hrs 01 Oct 2005 UTC 23’11”S 025’56”W Ref 402

[Ed: wow – navigating around the world seems easier that instructions from Alex to me to collect the RORC trophy!]

Stephen – to get to RORC, go to Green Pk U/G station, leave by the Piccadilly South Side exit, which puts you at the NE corner of the park. Go round the news stand into the park and walk south down the big walkway to the left of the grass for about 200 metres. There are houses and gardens on your left until you get to a very narrow alleyway with high fences between two gardens that actually goes under a house at the far end. Walk through and turn left in the street you come to. RORC is the building facing you with the flags. Ring the doorbell…   If you pick your time, the bar might be open.

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