FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 02, 2005 - 1500hrs UTC

1500hrs 02 Oct 2005 UTC 25’03”S 025’20”W Ref 407

Still creeping east despite the conditions. I’ve been trying to read the swell – the dominant one seems to be from the east or just north of east at about 5 metres, with a similar one from further south, but on top of that it is complete confusion with the occasionally amplified freak monster that has several waves from all over coinciding and contributing. Looking down from the top of one of these is a bit like looking down from about the fourth floor – but without nice solid walls to sustain the confidence. These are the nasties, coming from anywhere and throwing and rolling Berri all over the place and, if we hit them at the wrong angle, dumping tons of water on deck and horizontally into the cockpit. The dodger is just big enough to cower under if one is unlucky enough to get caught out there but it’s not much fun, especially when it is raining as well. If one is inside, the boat lurches and gyrates and yaws and rolls and stuff jumps in the air and you hear this shuddering crash from the bows as they slam into the wall. The rig quakes and the forestay shakes and then there is the sound of rushing water and you can see it flowing blue and frothy past the windows. Everything is damp if not outright wet that is not double wrapped in plastic and ziplocks. We are in a bit of a lull with the sun showing occasionally, but I can see more rainclouds and squalls away to the east so I’m not going to shake a reef. The cone of silence is permanently down now but at least it is cooler and I’m no longer drenched in sweat behind it. Noice to be out of the tropics.

My interpretation of our latest grib file says we will get two more days of this, with the possibility of a lift on the second day. That file is now three days old and I’ve sent for another which should come it when I try to send this.

We are in contact with the Chile and Africa sailmail stations and get reasonable coverage here although propagation is still woeful. If it goes this afternoon, this email will reach you via Africa, RC01. We can just hear, but not read, the Patagonian cruise net operating on 8164 mc out of Ushuiaia. I hope we can speak to them as we go past but I now think that is unlikely. A great bunch of people. If anyone is going down there, the regular sked is at 1200 UTC.

I’ve lost touch with all the new gusts – I lose the plot and fail dismally to say g’day to you all but thanks for signing on and for your hugely inspiring words and good wishes. Stephen sends an update every now and again and it’s inspiring to know that we also inspire. Thanks.

From Danny P.

Read the article in YM … Love your web site and all the pics …Very new to the sport … Totally blown away with the spirit of adventure you guys must install in people, particularly in these days when every one looks for the easy option in life…An inspiration to us all !!! … Was born in NZ (Hope you do not hold that against me) 42 years ago and moved shortly after, dream one day of sailing back there to see family… Look forward to reading your logs … Thanks

Danny P, you have to make these things happen! If you want to sail home, then somewhere there is a first step.

From Helen  O R.

Remeber me – Conor Mansfield’s partner (2000 S2H)…. Well can I tell you that Conor checks your progress daily. We are on hols and he still has to find an internet cafe to check your progress. So even in Italian wine territory far from the raging sea he needs his fix of Berri progress! I’ve heard of winos and alcoholics but a Berri holic is something else… Just bloody well hurry up so we can have a consultation of our own with no interruptions!!!! (I confess that I also check up on ye both occasionally…..) God speed and keep up the informative log 

And Helen O’R, of course I remember you – sad we missed Conor at the Rock. Tell him to read his work email asap – there’s a bit for him about the RORC annual dinner. If I don’t get a full house, (quite probable) and the two of you are interested, you could both go. If your pockets are long enough.

From Brian and Jennifer

Good to see things are cooling down for you. I’m not much for the heat either – hence being holed up in Dunedin. Brian and I have been diligently saving ziplock bags from our shopping adventures (and all shopping expeditions in Dunedin are an adventure) since you first mentioned their efficacy. Ours will all have Ma Higgins on one side – I don’t mind as long as they work!!

Brian and Jen – hard to believe that we were only nine days into this potboiler when we met you in Dunedin. That seems to be about as far away as the Viking voyages – how goes the boat hunt? Assuming we get this old lady back home again and finish the job, there will be a lot of gear for sale if you are interested. I think, for instance, my faithful sextant should move to someone who is more likely to need it, and we will be looking to part with the truly wonderful Kevvo and the Ampair generator and maybe the solar panel. Books, pilots, maybe a laptop. A couple of colonies of boot ferals, some foetid socks – all going for a song.

From David C.

Laura:  (Father doing fatherly things as he reads your log) – yes she did get the e-mail about the RORC and will (I say so!) answer if she hasn’t done so  already.

David C – thanks for fatherly concern. How are you both?

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