FROM 1-22. Still heading south south east

Oct 03, 2005 - 2350hrs UTC

2350hrs 03 Oct 2005 UTC 27’19”S 024’09”W Ref 412

It’s all too much. We haven’t seen any sign of life or humans for what seems like about a month – since just after the Cape Verdes, when the last of the birds left us. Today, we were joined by a black petrel, which followed us loosely as it went about its business – then a second, a third and a fourth. I think they may have got bored with us – certainly not a food source – and they have gone. And then – great excitement – I have just seen an aircraft. There may, of course, have been lots more but they are not so visible in daylight. This one was very high, flying roughly parallel to our course, perhaps a bit north, so going to Cape Town perhaps. But from where? Rio or Brasilia would be the obvious candidates.

Doug, since we were lifted earlier, I think we are now passing as close to Henry as we will get, at 129 miles to the North East. I have been out to wave and say G’day and when we are both awake early tomorrow we’ll send him some goodies. We’ll be a bit further away, but we have to do it in daylight.

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