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Oct 04, 2005 - 0715hrs UTC │Paper boat sent towards Henry Knight

0715hrs 04 Oct 2005 UTC 27’34”S 023’40”W Ref 413

And now it’s tomorrow – At 2734 S 2340 W 04/0715, with the sun just breaking the horizon, we sent a little boat full of goodies towards Henry. It had two jelly snakes, a red one and a yellow one, from Australia and half a bar of chocolate from England, tied up with the green and red ribbons Isabella gave us for the shroud telltales. They probably come from China.

Photo of the telltales, from Isabella’s website.

We made a little boat from a cardboard Arnotts biscuit box and floated it off towards him.

The wind will be taking it down to him as I write. We took photos and a bit of film [link] for you and fortified ourselves with a Special Consultation from the Doctor’s sample chest. And we thought about all the others as well.

Watch the video
Youtube – 1:04

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