FROM 1-23. Next landfall Tasmania

Oct 10, 2005 - 1130hrs UTC

1130hrs 10 Oct 2005 UTC 35’30”S 012’07”W Ref 428

Glorious, once in a lifetime sailing – bright sunshine, fluffy low level Cu., flat blue sky, grey luminescent sea between the blacker patches of cloud shadow, huge SW swells with little sparkling whitecaps all over them but no big rolly ones – yet! – and 30 kts just fwd of the beam truckin’ 6’s and 7’s. Berri with #4 and 2 reefs, almost vertical, but rolling a bit off the tops of the swells. Same pack of seabirds all around. Wooohooo. We are due to get the front this arve or eve with quite a bit more wind. Present plan is to drop the main when we see the first signs behind us, pole out the 5 and the storm jib and set the trisail sheeted on hard amidships. Will be interesting – watch this space.

G’day to all the new Gusts – Ian from Chatham, best of luck and do look us up when you get to Oz.

Jerry H – tried to email you but it bounced – will have another go.

Thanks to those of you who have given us permission to use your emails for The Book. And to those who have sent in shirt bids.


Thanks for the recipe for the Berrimiila bacon sandwich and more recently the coffee recipe. I have an espresso machine in the restaurant and will be putting the berrimilla coffee on the menu next week. I will let you know how I get on.

 It has occured to me that you guys are giving me ideas for my menu but I am the one that should be giving you ideas, being a chef of many years. It must be tough for you to think up new ideas to make life interesting, (Culinary wise,) well Pete at least. And so I thought if Pete gives me a list of your basic stores I would try to think up something for you to break the bordom, I am sure you don’t have much to think about otherwise (especially rounding the horn!) If you give me a list of your basic supplies I will do my best to add a little variety to your diet. Pete, who we don’t hear of too much, must be looking for new ways to cook things ALL the time!.

I am still reading your logs whenever I can, given working constraints and serving berrimilla sandwiches

ps could you try fishing in the quiet times I have some great recipes.
Sorry Just read yuor rations list, Just let me know me what you have left.

Marcus – thanks for thinking of us – I hope you offer your customers a Consultative Draught with their Berrimilla sandos! Perhaps you could organise them to put in a collective bid for the shirt – we will get it to you if they win it.

Isabella: Portuguese nav Tristao da Cunha discovered TdC on his way to Cape of GH in 1506. It was impossible to land. The first settler to arrive on the island was Captain Jonathan Lambert – who landed in 1811. I expect lots of people have told you that.

Tristao was a bit out of his way down there! And we’re almost exactly 500 years behind him. Malcom, you were right, of course. I debated the point myself but decided that as the head muscle is the only one getting any exercise, it might be better to work down metaphorically from there, so went for ‘tites rather than ‘mites.

Is – sadly, the Cake of Good Hope is no longer available for naming. Final processing took place about a week ago and very nice it was. For your dental tape dye ties, a reef knot tied with long tails and use the tails to tie a rolling hitch at each end of the reef knot to lock it and prevent slip – usually works. Gives nice tight small knot. Fisherman’s bend needs a solid loop, as in fishook, so no go. Else a standard granny loop with double or treble sheet bend through it? Have fun kiddo!

Allan Fenwick: Your email logs are of such a high standard I have nothing to complain about, It makes my life so boring, no one to put shit on, Off to Lord Howe in 3 weeks on the big beachball, will keep you informed on bids as they come in.

Fenwick – what do you want? Why are you being so nice to us? Have you forgotten the art of invective? Or just getting sillier?

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