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Oct 11, 2005 - 1715hrs UTC │VoA : Sophisticated System of Temperature Assessment

1715hrs 11 Oct 2005 UTC 36’40”S 009’36”W Ref 432

A dissertation on the VoA:

I have been observing an interesting indicator of our local ambient temperature. I have a tube of ointment – a Very Special Unguent for fingertip application to certain delicate sphinctorially located and unmentionable portions of the nethers. It is necessary to Confer – never Consult! – with this VSU quite frequently and I have observed that its consistency changes noticeably with temperature. In the tropics, it frolics from its tube like warm honey, but down here it takes a massive squeeze to shift it at all and it only appears with great reluctance. Perhaps, therefore, there is an opportunity for a broad thermometric table based on the changes in the VoA – not (definitely not!) the Voice of America, but the Viscosity of Anusol.

For the kids in 5/6, that’s a fancy name for special bum ointment that I hope you won’t need – ever! We do a lot of sitting out here. Perhaps I should include a VoA reading in the daily bull. (Runny, squeezy, extra squeezy, uber squeezy, go away?)

More birds – a flock of about a thousand wheeling and swirling all around us and dolphins playing underneath. The birds are pigeon sized and not unlike rather fine winged pigeons. And – wonderful to behold – a solitary albatross gliding and curving amongst them and making them all seem so busy and officious and even graceless. Malcom, it’s definitely Albatross ground effect and yes, the Russians did build a series of aircraft that used it.

And we had a recalcitrant winch – usual problem- salt in the works and gummed up pawls- but however careful I was before we left I must have swapped my double (metric/imperial) allen key kit for the single metric one and the winches of course are imperial. So I found a non standard, therefore softer allen key amongst all the backup junk, dug out the instrument files – Thanks Les, if you are reading this! – and we filed down the key and it worked. Filled the pawl case with wd40 as I’m not prepared to take the whole thing apart out here unless absolutely necessary – and it works. Wooohooo,

And we’re having an early consultation with Dr Gordon to celebrate.

From Maggie, Ian & Emma Browne and all those you remember at Keycorp

We haven’t gone away, but never fail to log in every day.
Terrific achievement, terrific read.
Now that you are turning left we thought that it was time to say hello and wish you luck.
Another couple of days and we will have a watch set up on the roof of the Keycorp building to see if we can see you coming over the hill.
With all these visits to the doctor you should consider registering Berri as a medical facility and claim back the consultation fee.
Good Luck and no more scares please Pete

Hi Maggie – a bit early for the crows nest, but the right idea. I’ll come and do a lunchtime gig if you like when we get back.

From Austin C.

As a daylight coast hugging Mediterranean sailor whose personal feats go no further than sailing around the Maltese Islands in a Feeling 286 Special, I am but awestruck by the courage, stamina and confidence you portray in such a gruesome voyage. Ever since I saw your article in YM a week or so ago I have been signing in to peep at your log on a daily basis.  It has become my daily dosage of armchair sailing adventure in which I feel I am fully participating!  My compliments for the wonderful website too.  

Keep it up chaps and please Alex, next time you come to see your mother in Malta please let me know.  I would love to join you in a consultation with the Dublin doctor at one of the Drinking Holes on the Island. And, of course, shake the hands of a formidable sailor.

Austin C – will do – maybe around Feb next year.

From Joan and Bill R., in Australia

I’ve been following faithfully and your updates are compulsory reading each time one comes in – the ANZ might start charging me for the time spent!  Thought of you particularly last weekend when the Melbourne Marathon was run – weather was cool to mild and a few showers so conditions pretty good for running I think [ed: absolutely crap with 20knt headwinds!].  Course was basically the same, along the Beach road but then into St. Kilda Road and finish outside the Arts Centre.  I confess that I forgot to look and see who actually won but I can be reasonably sure that it wasnt you – maybe next year?

Bill and Joan – you’re obviously golfers – my spies tell me there was a 20 kt headwind for the marathon – just like I remember most of my 13 or so of them! You’d better gear up for the coming home party.

From David Whitworth

Thought you might like to know that today divers are lifting the 10metre bow stem timber and iron anchor from the Mary Rose site 23? years after the first lift.They are then sealing the site for posterity.

Peter C thanks for permission, David, yes, I’d heard that they had found the bow section of the Mary Rose – must go and see it next time.

Barry – thanks for tristan link – tell them if you can that my mum drove a lot of them to church on Sundays when they were evacuated to Calshot in 1961. There was a Willie Repetto?

Wow! that G&T had some attitude.

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