FROM 1-24. Closing on the Barn Door

Oct 16, 2005 – 0900hrs UTC

0900hrs 16 Oct 2005 UTC 39’20”S 001’57”X Ref 445

DB: 131, 6515, GPS 137, 57/53 or 57/47 on Pete’s ETA. Will stick to mine for consistency.

A huge G’day to all y’all who have jumped on since the Times article – Big G, Colin, Peter J, Vince, Ian, Pikey – and everyone else – your emails and Gust book entries inspiring and sustaining – please keep them coming.

This has to be a short one – I’ve used up my connect time with some very slow downloads – would everyone please use the address from here – Simon & Caro too please. Were having big trouble getting ok sailmail via Africa stn so may be off air occasionally. May also have to turnoff satphone – crappy motorola aerial fittings not made for boats.

Trisail, part three – we’ve had it up for about 3 days now and it seems to do more that its fair share of balancing the boat and moving it forward. It is happily balancing the #4 with the wind just aft of the beam at the mo. I think I’ve worked out why – the sail is sheeted through the spinnaker turning blocks which I have attached to the mooring cleats on each quarter so it is a small force acting through a very long lever (as opposed to the main, which is a huge force, but acting through a short lever at the traveller on the coachroof). And it acts low down and doesn’t stress the rig.

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