FROM 1-24. Closing on the Barn Door

Oct 16, 2005 - 1630hrs UTC

1630hrs 16 Oct 2005 UTC 39’36”S 002’42”E Ref 446

[ed: disappointing news I am afraid. It seems that the marvellous system has not had much use in the African region past 3 or 4 months and so is not as reliable as in other parts of the world. They are working on it. Berri is only getting communications randomly and in small chunks, so updates will be sparse for a while. This flows on to the editing and sending of emails and gust book entries to Berri. Unfortunately the alternative means of communications, SatcommC and the satphone are horrendously expensive, so will be used very sparingly. However, don’t let that stop you emailing or gusting the boys – the (sail)mail will get through, and they thrive on it!]

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